Name:  Bebe Howa ,

Profession : Women Entrepreneur

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Sponsor :Ln Parveen Mahmud FCA, MJF

Bebe Howa Sneha, was born in Comilla. She completed her MBS from the Department of Accounting under the National University and did B.Ed. Professionally she is a teacher. 

She likes to innovate by using her creativity. Besides teaching, she is also an entrepreneur, trying to establish “Hawai Trend” as a brand. She is interested in working for the development of disadvantaged women and children in the future. She has already given free sewing training above hundreds of women. 

In her personal life she is hardworking, honest, courageous and dutiful. Loves gardening in her spare time and practices Karate. She has a nice small family with her husband Abul Hasnat and daughter Ayan Yara.