Ln Jasmine Akhter Bappy

Name :Ln Jasmine Akhter Bappy,

Profession: NGO Worker

Club Designation: Member

Member ID :5439513

Lion Since:10/12/2020

Sponsor :Ln Parveen Mahmud FCA, MJF

Jasmine Bappy is currently designated as the “Assistant Manager-Publication” in Communications & Publications Department of Ghahful. She has been accomplishing all the responsibilities of this position since 2015. She is also a member of the Lions Club of Chittagong Parijat Elite.

She started her career at Ghashful in 2010 and has since been involved in multidimensional tasks of the organization with integrity. She became associated with Ghashful’s Education Support Program (ESP) in 2017 and she also supervises Child Development Centre (CDC) of Ghashful. She has actively participated in many social works throughout her life and has excellent organizing and communication skills.

She completed her Masters from Chittagong College in Bangla, and had done her undergraduates from Aprana Charan Girls High School, Chattogram. She lovesreading books, traveling & listening to music.