Ln Shrmina Naznin Chowdhury

Name: Ln Shrmina Naznin Chowdhury

Profession: Women Entrepreneur

Club Designation: Member

ID :5732234

Lion Since: 01/11/2021

Sponsor :Ln Parveen Mahmud FCA, MJF

Ln. Sharmina Naznine Chowdhury, a post graduate from University of Chittagong. Currently working as an entrepreneur. She has keen interest always to look forward for the opportunities that have maximum coverage for the welfare of our society. She believes that, the individual welfare and development lies in the welfare of the society as well as the total development of our surrounding . Besides she is involved with some social responsibility with the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare. She has a very enthusiastic & energetic mind. And, believes that unity, integrity, continuous learning, discipline and hardwork can make everything possible.