Ln. Kashfia Mahmud CFA

Kashfia Mahmud is a successful entrepreneur based in Bangladesh. She is the founder of Clementine DataSolutions – which is a unique Data and Image Analytics Company and also the CEO of Shadhin Fintech. Shestarted Clementine Data Solutions in 2016 in Bangladesh as a company driven to help businesses solvequestions based on Image and Data Analytics. The company’s core strength lies in leveraging machine learningand image recognition toanalyze key information from Images and Data. Clementine Data Solutions has abroad array of international clients including Procter & Gamble and Coty Inc. along with several other researchagencies and crowdsourcing companies. Clementine also includes a strong global reach having conductedresearch across: US, Canada, UK, UAE, Singapore,Germany, Italy and Bangladesh. Separately, Clementine isalso planning to launch Bangladesh’s first crowd-sourced data collection platform.As the CEO of Shadhin Fintech, she is running Bangladesh’s first crowd-sourced / peer to peer funding and afinancial well-being platform. She manages the full operations of the company along with strategic directionand key alliances with leading Bangladeshi financial institutions and corporations. She is also leading aninnovative TV show as a part of Shadhin’s Financial Well-Being and Financial Inclusion social awarenesscampaign in partnership with Bijoy TV.Prior to moving to Bangladesh, Kashfia had a strong career in finance including leadership roles across variouscountries and industries. She has done strategic finance roles in both Canada and the US. She has had financeroles across several multinational and government institutions including: Production Resource Group, YorkUniversity, The Legal Aid Society etc.Academically, Kashfia has completed her Undergraduate in Business from Arizona State University as a MagnaCum Laude, and her Masters in Finance from Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada.Personally, Kashfia is married and has an 18 month old daughter. Kashfia’s passion lies in astrophysics andD-I-Y construction projects.