Lions Club Members

Ln. Sijarul Islam

Lion Sijarul Islam, BSS from Hatazari College. Young Entrepreneur. Proprietor of Ma Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trading Center. I’m working with unemployed youth. I like to play football and I love to do politics and traveling. My Ambitions is to work with pregnant mothers in future. I find my happiness through in human service

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Ln. Sharmina Naznin Chy

Hello Beautiful Minds! This is Ln. Sharmina Naznine Chowdhury, a post graduate from University of Chittagong. Currently working as an entrepreneur. I always look forward for the opportunities that have maximum coverage for the welfare of our society. Because I always believe, the individual welfare and development lies in the welfare of the society as

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Ln. Kashfia Mahmud CFA

Kashfia Mahmud is a successful entrepreneur based in Bangladesh. She is the founder of Clementine DataSolutions – which is a unique Data and Image Analytics Company and also the CEO of Shadhin Fintech. Shestarted Clementine Data Solutions in 2016 in Bangladesh as a company driven to help businesses solvequestions based on Image and Data Analytics.

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Ln. Bebe Howa

Bebe Howa Sneha, was born in Comilla. She completed her MBS from the Department of Accounting under the National University and did B.Ed. Professionally she is a teacher.She likes to innovate by using her creativity. Besides teaching, she is also an entrepreneur, trying to establish “Hawai Trend” as a brand.She is interested in working for

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Ifthekar Uddin

A native of Chittagong by birth, I have been working to establish myself as an entrepreneur based in Chittagong, the commercial capital of Chittagong. I like to present myself as a social worker. I spend some of my busy time trying to stand by the side of the poor and disadvantaged through my favourite club

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Ln. Rownak Kabir Chowdhury, MA, CWC

Ln. Rownak is an accomplished career counseling professional with more than 10 years of experience providing career advisingand employment services to a wide range of diverse professionals. She is an articulate communicator and attentive, active listener who possess exceptional verbal, collaborative facilitation,and presentation skills. She is a certified trainer and facilitator, with a Master’sand Bachelor’s

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Ln. Jasmine Bappy

Jasmine AktherBappy is Assistant Manager Publications of GHASHFUL – a non Govt. and nonprofit Development Organization. She looks after, Public Relations & Publications. Currently she is associated with R & D Wing of Ghashful. She has been accomplishing all the responsibilities of her position since 2015. She is painstaking and hard working She isalso a

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