Ln Afroza Goni Ibrahim

Name: Ln Afroza Goni Ibrahim,

Profession: Women Entrepreneur

Club Designation: Member

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Lion Since: 2021/09/08

Sponsor : Ln Homayra Kabir Chowdhury

AFROZA GONI IBRAHIM, hails from Chittagong. I have completed my graduation from Independent University and I am currently the head of the marketing department of IBRAHIM POLYGRAPHIC INDUSTRIES, which is our own industry. I have always been eager to be a part of social works and be known as an activist. I am lucky to have the support of my family members that makes me more dedicated in my works. I believe in equality between men and women for all types of activities. I am proud to have be a new part of this group, and is looking forward to get involved in female empowerment and other projects with dedication.